Sunday, 1 May 2011

Top 10 endangered species

 The disappearance of at least 500 species of animals is because of humans, this phenomenon has occurred largely in this century. Currently there are at least 5,000 animal species in danger of extinction and appreciates that annually at least one species of them disappears. Many of these species disappear without even like people to be aware of. The value of these species is important since many of them  formed the basis of the creation of medications, medical treatments, etc. The first step that must be done is knowing how much more extended. In the following will be presented some of the most animal species in danger of extinction.

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The big bat
 In the United Kingdom there are about forty species of bat and all are in danger of extinction. The big bat potcoava is one of these species and is the most rare.
Currently known about 35 sleep places permanent and "maternity hospitals" and 369 for hibernation. The researchers estimated that there are around 4,000-6600 copies in life. The main cause of the disparitiei species is the use of insecticides to protect plants, these bats remain without their source of food: insects.

Siberian Tiger 
This species of Tiger is extinct, and there are currently more than 200 copies in nature reserves. The main cause of the dissapearence  is excessive hunting especially for her to be consumed as food. A poacher they feeds the family a year from a tiger.

Turtle-Head stump

This reptile threatened lives in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The species was once intensively hunted mostly for eggs and meat and fat was used for the cosmetics industry. Many specimens of this species that die annually in the hunting of crab traps. In Turkey the species was killed and by building hotels in the areas of reproduction of the species.
White-tailed eagle
Prior to experiments done with this bird of prey pheromones exist in larger numbers in nature. Amid an intense conservationists working populations in eastern Europe have returned. For the future it is planned to colonizate the other traditional breeding areas in Europe.
The mandarine smurf
This chicken can be seen in the United Kingdom but it is primitive in Eastern Asia, Russia, China, Korea and Japan. The number of copies in the wilderness area is unknown but in Asia it is estimated that their number does not exceed 20,000 copies. The disappearance of this beautiful species is considered to be due to poaching, especially habitat's distroying and hunting. These smurfs are subject to consumption and bribery.
The-lion-tailed macaque
 Many monkeys of the species living in areas of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Natural habitat of this species is composed of tropical forests of India, forests have largely been cleared to make way for plantations of tea and coffee. Currently the main factor underlying the extinction of species as in other mammalian species disappearance of their natural habitat. Poachers and they contribute to species extinction by capturing mostly the offspring of macaques in order to export them to collectors of exotic animals. The species is also hunted for their fur and meat. As one of the most endangered monkey species on Earth at present there are about 4000 copies to live in freedom.
The donkey penguin
 This large bird was once one of the most common on the coast of South Africa. At present the only existing species of penguin in Africa. Because I live in the Northern region, these penguins are vulnerable to human activity took place there, due to reduced food resources seals have started to hunt to feed. The species is also threatened by oil spills and the sea and the fact that their eggs are taken to be consumed or destroyed.
The montain Gorilla
Mountain gorillas live in eastern Zaire, Uganda and Rwanda. Today has become an endangered species. Central causes disappearance of these gorillas are pitfalls, mainly intended for other animals, leading to massive deforestation of their natural habitat and the disappearance of many common diseases and man. The existence of the species depends on a host of massive forests, forests that unfortunately are cleared to make way for crops and pastures to be replaced. Because humans and gorillas are just 98% of genetically at risk of the same disease. Currently there are approximately 700 wild specimens of this species.
The Numbatul
   The only place in nature where this species lives is Western Australia, particularly in forested areas in this part of the world. At present the species is almost entirely disappeared, the only place where one can find a few copies is south-west Australia. With the arrival of human predators have been introduced animals like cats, foxes and dogs that have hunted and eaten numbatul. Their number is continuously decreasing because their habitat is transformed into mines and fields.
The Weasel with black paws
  This mammal is one of the most endangered in North America isthe extinction in the wild frontier. The main cause of extinction of thisspecies is habitat occupation by human activity. Colonies of prairiedogs are being left in small and fragmented, separated byfarmlands and other areas of human activity. By the end of 2010biologists hope to reach a total of 1,500 copies in the wild and ineach population to be at least 30 breeding adults fit.

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